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30 Years Of Excellence

P.K.P. Group of Companies (Certified Public Accountants & Business Consultants) is a leading service provider for both local and international companies or individuals based in Cyprus.

The Group was founded in 1992 and it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from audit, accounting and tax, to corporate and trust services, to consulting as well as investment management. P.K.P. is committed to creating value for its clients by offering supperior service, high quality and responsible advise across all its engagements.

Our goal is to help our clients become more successful and not only to satisfy but also exceed their expectations. We provide a supportive, rewarding and vibrant environment where our people have many opportunities to grow and succeed.



The Ideal Place

Cyprus offers many benefits to corporations, trusts and shipping companies that establish their operations in the country.

These benefits arise mainly from the low tax regime, the high quality of corporate services (banking, financial, legal) and the credibility/stability of being a member-state of the European Union as well as a member of the Euro-zone.

Choose Cyprus

Find out the top ten reasons for investing in Cyprus described in detail by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency.

Low Tax Regime

The Cyprus government has a long-standing commitment to continuously improve the business environment of international companies with Cyprus incorporation.


A Range of Services

Accounting & V.A.T.

P.K.P. Group of Companies has a multi disciplined team of professionals in Accounting and V.A.T. providing an efficient and cost effective service.

Audit & Assurance

P.K.P. Group of Companies audit and assurance services continually evolve to meet the demands of clients and to comply with regulatory and technical standards and best practice in financial reporting.

Corporate & Personal Taxation

P.K.P. Group of Companies tax advisors specialize on both corporate and personal tax – we understand that corporate and personal taxes can sometimes overlap.

International Tax Planning & Compliance

With its extensive knowledge and tax expertise, the P.K.P. Group of Companies works with you to improve tax efficiencies, mitigate risk and find opportunities all year long for additional tax savings.

Legal - Corporate

P.K.P. Group of Companies audit and assurance services continually evolve to meet the demands of clients and to comply with regulatory and technical standards and best practice in financial reporting.

Immigration Services

We provide comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the immigration procedures (visitor visa, work visa, permanent residence visa supporting your application in obtaining the permit.


Discover Our Companies

P.K.P. group of Companies consist of five companies with a team of innovative thought leaders who deliver their expertise to satisfy the specific needs and exceed the expectations of each client whether this is a public, private or non-profit organisation or individual.

P.K.P. Professional Services Ltd

• Tax planning
• Audit and Assurance Services
• Compliance Services
• Tax forms preparation and submission for individuals and companies

P.K.P. Business Consultants Ltd

• Immigration services (visitor permit, work permit, permanent residence 5F and 6(2) )
• Citizenship services (number of years in Cyprus, Marriage to Cypriots or through Cyprus roots)
• Bank account opening for individuals and companies facilitation services

P.K.P. Management Services Ltd

• Bookkeeping of day-to-day transactions
• VAT preparation and submission
• Payroll services
• Tax department's forms preparation and/or submission

P.K.P. Secretarial Services Ltd

• Administrative services
• Company's formation services
• Registrar of Companies services

P.K.P. Properties Ltd

• Advice on acquisitions and rentals of properties
• Search for properties to buy and/or rent

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