P.K.P. Group

P.K.P. Group of Companies is a leading service provider, for both local and international companies, based in Cyprus. The Group was founded in 1992 and offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from audit, accounting and tax, to corporate and trust services, business consulting as well as investment management.

The Group is committed to creating value for its clients by offering superior service, high quality and responsible advice across all its engagements, whether these are for multinational organisations, small entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals, local or international clients. P.K.P. is made up of six companies, each focusing on a specific portfolio of services.

Based in Cyprus, P.K.P. Group of Companies offers many benefits to corporations, trusts and shipping companies that establish their operations in the country. These benefits arise mainly from the low tax regime in Cyprus, the high quality of corporate services (banking, financial, legal) on the island and the credibility/stability of a country that is a member-state of the European Union as well as a member of the Euro-zone.


Our Mission Is To Help You

Our mission: To boost clients' success and productivity while ensuring their financial growth and legal compliance. We foster a dynamic, collaborative partnership with clients. When you choose P.K.P., you gain a business partner.

It also means that we aim to be acknowledged as the pre-eminent organisation in the markets which we choose to serve, so that:

We attract the best people in the industry to want to work for us.

Only the best candidates are hired as team members.

We ensure a high level of trust and mutual respect among all team members, partners and clients.

Every person in the organisation understands and subscribes to the vision and the role they play in accomplishing it.

We adopt an aggressive, focused approach whilst acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards at all times.

The services offered will be clearly defined, highly structured, and priced in accordance with the value they represent to the client.

We maintain our position at the forefront of information technology, strive for innovation and offer flexible team working patterns.

We provide an opportunity for professional advancement, personal growth, and involvement in the decision-making process within the firm.

Elevate Your Business Now

We provide a supportive, rewarding and vibrant environment where our people have many opportunities to grow and succeed.

Our Core Values

Our core values are those values which form the foundation on which we perform our work, conduct ourselves and interact with each other and our clients, and ultimately underlie which strategies we employ to fulfil our mission. P.K.P. has an entire universe of values, but some of them are so fundamental and important to us that throughout any changes in society, government, politics, business and technology they always remain constant. These are:





Customer Centric


Service Oriented

Continuous Development


Meet Our Team

PKP GROUP consists of a strong central management team well educated and highly qualified professionals committed to deliver quality standards, communicate with transparency and honesty and act ethically. Our people are committed to the success of our clients and they constantly strive to deliver high quality services through our celebrated values of team work, integrity, and professionalism.


Kyprianos Photiou

Co-Founder, P.K.P. Group

Giorgos Photiou

Co-Founder, P.K.P. Group