Audit & Assurance

P.K.P. Group of Companies provides independent, objective and rigorous financial and risk assurance of your business and financial position, which is fundamental to improving performance and good corporate governance.

The approach is based on developing an understanding of your business or organisation and the financial, operational and governance risks that it faces. The service is tailored to meet your unique circumstances and needs and, by agreeing expectations and responsibilities at the outset, it is ensured that performance and service meets your requirements.

P.K.P. Group of Companies audit and assurance services continually evolve to meet the demands of clients and to comply with regulatory and technical standards and best practice in financial reporting.


Audit & Assurance Services Are Connected With:

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Reviews of financial statements and assistance to companies in preparing their financial statements in accordance with the above-mentioned standards and requirements.

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with Cypriot regulatory legislation on accounting.

Management reporting, working capital management.

Cash flows, budgets and financial projections.

Ad hoc assignments, including fraud investigation, verification work, special projects.

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, due diligence studies, supply of corporate governance know-how.

Internal audit, internal audit set-up and planning, identification and assessment of risks, implementation of internal controls.

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