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Nominee Services

Nominee Services

P.K.P. Group of Companies nominee services offer carefully structured arrangements that keep your personal information off the public record while ensuring full legality. There are perfectly legitimate reasons for not wanting your details to become cheaply available to commercial rivals, direct marketing houses or credit search agencies.

Anyone inquiring into your affairs or into the affairs of the corporation will be unable to associate you in any way with your corporation, providing an enhanced level of anonymity. The privacy protection you’ll receive by using a nominee service is unmatchable. Of course, due to money laundering regulations we will insist on running appropriate checks before setting up any nominee arrangement.

Nominee Services connected with:


nominee company directors, nominee company secretary, nominee company shareholders.


provision of a registered office, place of business or address for a specified entity.


acting as trustees for shareholdings and for international trusts.

All documents that need a signature by the nominee will be signed and forwarded back to you or any other address you specify. Please note that through our provision of these services the P.K.P. Group of Companies is not involved in the management or running of the company. Its function is purely in name only. The duties of a Director, Secretary and Shareholder will remain as your responsibility; however on your instruction the P.K.P. Group of Companies will sign any necessary documentation.

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