Property Investment & Advice

P.K.P. Group of Companies offers professional advice to companies and individuals who are considering buying, selling or renting immovable property (residential, commercial, industrial, new, resale and plots). The sole objective is to maximise your return on investment.

Whether you are interested in capital growth or rental income, the P.K.P. Group of Companies will help you to decide the most profitable geographical areas and property types for your property investment portfolio.

Drawing experts from its tax advisory service, the Group will provide the full spectrum of implications of your property investments on your tax situation, as well as, provide financing options for your property transactions.


Property Investment & Advice Services Are Connected With:

Specific asset buy-sell strategy

Property operations analysis.

Specific asset buy-sell strategy.

Market and submarket analysis and ranking.

Asset analysis and opinion of value.

Portfolio strategy by property type.

Development and redevelopment feasibility studies.

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